Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified University
  • To create an environment of excellence in teaching and research by raising the quality and standards of education and make it globally competitive and locally relevant.
  • To converge as an open, evolving community invested in creating, preserving and translating knowledge.
  • To manage IT as a strategic resource.
  • To apply Artificial Intelligence in the area of cyber security, Internet of Things and other allied fields related to citizen centric services.
  • To impart world class training and quality education for building highly skilled and globally competitive engineers, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs in Information Technology to meet the demands of industry, research and society.
  • To provide technologically enriched environment for learning that will inculcate professionalism, effective team work, and communication and leadership skills to create competent engineers of global standards to serve the society collaboratively and ethically.
  • To advance knowledge and impart hands on experience to all students through interdisciplinary research projects, industry training and consultancy work.
    B. Tech-IT

    PSO1. The graduates shall have a scientific outlook with a wide spectrum fundamental knowledge of applied mathematics, basic engineering principles of physics and mechanics and their application as problem solving skills in the designing software applications.
    PSO2. With a B.Tech degree in the field of Information Technology, graduates will be able to analyze and recommend the appropriate IT infrastructure needed to implement the project in the field of software application development. The graduates shall have thorough knowledge in design, develop, and testing the software systems to provide solutions to real-world problems.
    PSO3. The graduates shall have demonstrable interpersonal and social communication skills along with team building, interpersonal relationship, group discussion, current affairs etc.
    PSO4. The Graduates of Information technology will be able to use and implement core Information Technology concepts like human-computer interaction, information management, programming, and networking. The graduates of information technology can effectively integrate IT-based solutions into user-based environment.
    PEO1: Demonstrate technical competence in the field of IT and pursue successful career in IT and related allied sections.
    PEO2: Learn and apply to emerging tools and techniques of Information Technology.
    PEO3: Demonstrate professional attitude, and ethics, communication, and team work skills, and ability to relate IT issues with social awareness.


    PSO1. Design, develop and implement interdisciplinary application software projects to meet the demands of industry requirements using modern tools and technologies.
    PSO2.To prepare graduates who will perform both as an individual and in a team through good analytical, design and implementation skills.
    PSO3. To prepare graduates who will be lifelong learners through continuous professional development.
    PEO1: To produce post graduates having a strong background of programming, software engineering & advanced computer concepts.
    PEO2: To produce post graduates who can demonstrate technical competence in the field of Computer Applications and develop solutions to the complex problems.
    PEO3: To produce post graduates having professional competence through life-long learning such as advanced degrees, professional skills and other professional activities related globally to engineering & Society.
    PEO4: To produce post graduates who function effectively in a multi-disciplinary environment and individually, within a societal and environmental context.
    PEO5: To produce post graduates who would be able to take individual responsibility and work as a part of a team towards the fulfilment of both individual and organizational goals.


    PSO1.To develop students into an ethical Cyber Security Professional.
    PSO2. To impart interdisciplinary technical knowledge & skills needed to protect computer systems from vulnerabilities, detect & respond to security breaches and cyber threats of all kinds
    PSO3. To produce post graduates who can perform cyber security risk assessment, troubleshoot performance issues, offer information assurance which can be applied immediately in their workplace or research areas viz.
    PEO1. Develop competent professionals who can develop novel techniques and tools for cyber security for the benefit of society.
    PEO 2. Develop highly secure and scalable algorithms to provide better security among the various software used.
    PEO3. Promote leadership abilities along with team work for a just and secure technical society.