Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified University
Laboratory of CSE Department
The CSE department has well equipped labs for practical and research work in the following domains:
  1. Database and Mobile database Systems
  2. Software and Advanced Software Engineering
  3. Advanced Computer Networking
  4. Programming Labs on Various Platforms
  5. Embedded System and Design
  6. Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  7. Network Security and Management
  8. Mobile Architecture Programming
  9. Design and Innovation Centre
Programming Lab
This lab is primarily is used for general programming and computational purpose. C, C++, Java etc practicals are scheduled in this lab.

Softwares in Lab
  •     MS Visual C++
  •    Rational Rose
  •    PROLOG
  •    Web Premium CS4
  •    Oracle

Lab Incharge : Ms. Najme Zehra.
This lab is used to conduct the practicals based on DBMS, Multimedia and Computer graphics for all the branches of students.

Softwares in Lab
  •    Visual C++
  •    Rational Rose
  •    PASW Modeller 13.0

Lab Incharge : Ms. Vibha.
Lab Assistant : Ms. AartiGambhir
Networking Lab
This lab is used for conducting the practicals based on computer networks, LAN, Advanced Compute Networks for various stream.

Softwares in Lab
  •    PROLOG
  •    Rational Rose
  •    MS Visual C++
  •    Network Simulators

Lab Incharge : Mr. Vivekanand Jha.
Embedded Systems Design and Mobile Architecture Lab
There is tremendous growth in the field of mobile and embedded technologies due to the availability of various software tools and a variety of cheap hardware that drives these systems. The objective of this lab is to provide an exposure in the field of hardware and software architecture of the mobile devices and Embedded Systems and research in this area.This lab is used to conduct practical on Embedded Systems for both M.Tech and B.Tech students. Students in this course will demonstrate their complete design, development of embedded systems starting from the scratch. Special training programmes are conducted in the area of Mobile Architecture and Programming for the students and faculty members every year.
Lab Incharge : Dr. SRN Reddy.
The Ministry of Human Resource Development is working on a number of initiatives to harness the creativity and to create an eco-system of innovations in schools as also in our institutions of higher learning. The National Innovation Council (NlnC) suggested the establishment of 20 Design Innovation Centers during the XII Five Year Plan as also one Open Design School and one institution for facilitating training of trainers. The NlnC has also suggested that each institution must have a pedagogic charter that promotes independent thinking and creates a new generation of innovators. The key guiding principles, mainly to be embedded in the pedagogic charter would be to promote flexibility, autonomy, creative leadership & development of curriculum in consultation with prospective user industries and other institutions.

• To promote, nurture and advance the culture of design and innovation in the institute leading to significant contribution and breakthroughs impacting quality of human life.
• To facilitate evolution of new models of academic industry interaction as well as academic social interaction.
• The DIC labs will provide creating facilities for ideation, prototyping and validation .it will be providing a conductive space & resources for ideation, computational tools & inventory necessary for concept development and facilities for quick prototype & testing.
• To provide outreach programme such as summer /winter workshop/training programme in the area of product design for student and faculty to bridge the gap between theory and industry.
• To provide outreach programme such as summer /winter workshop/training programme in the area of product design for student and faculty to bridge the gap between theory and industry.
Lab Incharge : Dr. SRN Reddy.