Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified University
  • To promote convergence of knowledge, information, technology and skills.
  • To develop Computer Science and Engineering Students with a global perspective.
  • To ensure total personality development of would be engineers.
  • To impart specialized knowledge and skills to the students in the field of computers and information technology.
  • To work in collaboration with other institutions/ industries.
  • To develop highly skilled professional workforce by innovation based teaching which can work at global academic and professional standards, thus creating an impact on global forums in area of Computer Science and Engineering.
  • To provide excellent infrastructure and software tools to students that will accelerate their learnings.
  • To provide highly academic and research oriented environment in department.
  • To organize frequent co-curricular activities like expert lectures/ workshops/ symposia/conference to provide best holistic learning environment.
  • To inculcate good human values in students and to make them adopt attitude of serving nation.
    B.Tech - CSE

    PSO1: Understanding of theoretical foundations and computing at different levels of abstraction including circuits and computer architecture, operating systems, algorithms, and applications.
    PSO2: Ability to adapt established models, techniques, algorithms, data structures, etc. for efficiently solving new problems.
    PSO3: Ability to design, implement, and evaluate computer-based system or application to meet the desired needs using modern tools and methodologies.
    PEO1: Be highly competent engineers specializing in the area of Software and other information technologies in support of software related industry.
    PEO2: Solve real world problems by applying technological knowledge ethically that will benefit organizations and society at large.
    PEO3: Adapt to changing trends in software and related technologies, and become lifelong learners.

    M.Tech – CSE (AI)

    PSO1: Ability to design, develop, validate and deploy appropriate machine learning models for various practical applications.
    PSO2: Required skills and domain expertise to provide AI based solutions for the industry and society at large.
    PEO1: Establish themselves as Artificial Intelligence experts in various private and public sectors in national and international fields that are involved in the creation and maintenance and use of Artificial Intelligence systems.
    PEO2: Find complex patterns and insights of data using artificial Intelligence techniques for better decision making.
    PEO3: Solve real world problems by applying technological knowledge ethically that will benefit organizations and society at large.
    PEO4: Adapt to changing trends in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, and become lifelong learners.