Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women
(Established by Govt. of Delhi vide Act 9 of 2012)
ISO 9001:2015 Certified University
  • The desired learning outcomes of our program are:
  • To prepare our graduates for successful professional practice by providing both the fundamental and the advanced education in Mechanical and Automation Engineering.
  • To inculcate the habit in students and faculty to remain updated with latest developments & technology by promoting research and development by the faculty and the students and promoting participation of students in various design and development competitions in areas of Mechanical and Automation Engineering.
  • To inculcate qualities in the students to enable them to act in a professional and ethical manner and prove as responsible leaders in the society.
  • The Department strives for excellence in education to develop highly skilled world class work force in area of Mechanical & Automation Engineering and target research themes in emerging areas with the aim to produce leaders among the engineers.
  • The Mechanical & Automation Engineering Department strives to impart quality education to the students by enhancing their skills to make them globally competitive.
  • To develop and maintain state-of-the-art laboratories with equipment and softwares to foster visualization of known Art and Knowledge
  • To create research facilities in order to provide the students and the faculty with the opportunities to create, apply and disseminate knowledge.
  • To develop linkages with the Industry and educational institutions in order to maintain excellence in teaching and research.
  • To maintain a supportive environment that encourages and rewards teamwork and inculcates good human values in students to make them responsible and respectable nation builders.

    B. Tech-MAE

    PSO1: To develop the ability to identify, analyze and evaluate the concept of Mechanical and Automation Engineering for design, development, analysis and maintenance of mechanical systems and processes.
    PSO2: To apply the principles of production, thermal, design, automation engineering, project management and economics for providing solutions to the theoretical, practical and societal problems.
    PSO3: To understand and demonstrate the key concepts related to entrepreneurship, professionalism, effective communication, shop floor management and adapting to the fundamentals of new and emerging technologies and development.
    PEO1: To provide a quality undergraduate education to the students before they enter in the mechanical and automation engineering profession.
    PEO2: To adapt to changing scenarios of dynamic technology with the potential to solve varied and complex industrial as well as societal problems using a coherent and flexible approach to decision-making.
    PEO3: To contribute towards Nation’s development through pursuing careers in government services, research organizations, industries, higher education, entrepreneurship, and professional development.

    M. Tech

    PSO1: Acquiring ability to design, analyze and implement robotics and automation systems in a variety of applications.
    PSO2: Application of the required skills and expertise to provide Automation and Robotics solutions for the industry and the society at large.
    PEO1: To prepare the students for a successful career to meet ever increasing demand in the field of Robotics and Automation and enable them to become an entrepreneur.
    PSO2: To equip the students with professional competency and knowledge of modern Robotics and Automation tools.
    PSO3: To enable the students to be capable of pursuing the advance research in the field of robotics and automation.