Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women

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Antargat- Creative Society



“Breathing Waste: Reuse, Recycle, Recreate”

This creative society looks at waste with a different perspective. Waste is only waste if wasted. Every waste has some useful potential to be identified and put to work. The society is initiated to collect like minded individuals who have a different perspective to waste and an eye for creative modeling of the same. The society commenced in 2017 is in its nascent state and is looking for crazy ideas. Some individualistic works can be seen as a remodeled lamp, university old stool, benches and planter establishment out of civil waste, earrings and bracelet waste, Innerve leftover frames, old shoes and T-shirts etc. The Ideation of the society is to recycle, remodel, reuse Waste from the university and likewise, putting condemnation process to a new visionary outcome. Registrations will open in July 2018.

A group of like-minded and budding architects looked at condemnation waste and came up with the idea that it’s still breathing and some of it can still be revived. A society started on experimental basis in 2017 took official form in 2018. The main aim of the society was to

  • Reduce condemnation waste in the University by promoting repair and remodeling of furniture etc.
  • Reuse and Recycling of usable waste from University like furniture, civil waste items, event waste, canteen waste etc.
  • Initiating projects where waste items can be transformed to usable products and spaces.

अंतर्गत” is a movement that incorporates efforts from within, your heart, mind and soul. It is believed that every mind has an edge of creativity embedded in it. This movement aims at providing a platform to enhance it. This society would help us to explore our talents and create products from ‘UNIVERSITY WASTE’ that maybe of used in some form or order to the present needs of the university. Every year the University discards loads of Waste. The process of non-consumable items is a tedious and long process and requires lots of paper work and manpower to perform the condemnation process. Moreover the condemned material uses lots of storage space used as dump yard for the same. This society aims as doing away with all this material in a more productive and useful way. This initiative incorporates the sustainability concept laid under millennium goals and ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ initiative of the government of India.

 Our Aim is to make Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women, a ZERO WASTE University in India. Many workshops, Awareness programs and on-ground Projects are proposed within the University for upcoming years. The initiative may incorporate collaboration with other societies with this aim as a joint venture.

 From 2017-2019, students have worked on individual basis with faculty advisors recreating old lamps, university stools, competition boards to paintings and murals, repainted old shoes, made bags out of discarded T-shirts etc. Each to its own. The initiative was to establish feasibility of the society work.

Faculty Advisor : Ar.Preeti Chauhan Associate Professor, Department of Architecture & Planning.


Bhoomika Mehta (graduated in 2020)

Jyoti Rani Meena (graduated in 2020)

Ridhi Arora (5th Year)

NilfaSaha (5th Year)

 Sine Jan 2019, three major works were initiated and completed by team ‘Antargat’ as economically viable projects.

Projects Executed Under Antargat Click Here




Some products made by individuals:


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