Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University For Women

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B.H.A.V (Behold an Architect's View)- The Role Play Society of IGDTUW

Faculty Advisor : Ar. Kshitij kumar , Assistant Professor, Department of DAP

Recent Events Report of Society Click Here

The main aim of the society is to provide a platform that brings within the education curriculum, the social issues and challenges. This would promote creative and innovative thinking among youth to reach upon realistic solutions to problems dawning our society at large, while simultaneously familiarizing them with the professional workflow.

The Society's apex mandate shall be to organize events (like role plays, guest lectures, etc.) which are simulation of professional work field, with participants portraying the roles of various stakeholders of the set agenda, to engage in spontaneous intellectual debate and discussion to reach upon a collective decision, which bears the potential to be recommended to concerning bodies for its actual implementation.

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