FDPs/ Workshops/ Expert Lectures 2017-2018

 ØExpert Lecture in association with EDP Cell IGDTUW by Mr. Deepak Sar, IT Professional, Oracle, on “Campus to Corporate World” in April 2017in the Seminar Hall, Administrative Block.

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ØExpert lecture by Mr. E.V. Gireesh, A Dynamic Trainer and Counselor with passion for excellence and Creativity, on Human Values and Ethics in Education with a special focus on ‘Enhancing Mind Power’on 25th August 2017 in the University Auditorium

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ØLecture By Prof. VeenaSahajwalla, University of New South Wales, Sydney (Australia) and Jubilee Chair Professor of the Indian Academy of Sciences, on "Reviving Waste in Green Manufacturing: Creating new solutions through Innovations and Partnerships" on Tuesday, 29th August, 2017 in the Seminar Hall, Administrative Block.

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ØLecture By Prof. Ellen Carpenter, American Embassy Science Fellow and Program Di rector, Division of Undergraduate Education, National Science Foundation, USA on "Roles, responsibilities and practices of women in STEM in India and the United States" on November 15th, 2017 in the University Seminar Hall, Administrative Block.

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ØSubject Expert Committee (SEC) meeting on Engineering & Technology under Women Scientist Scheme of DST on July 28-29, 2017 in Conference Hall, Administrative Block.

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 FDPs/ Workshops/ Expert Lectures till 2017

Ø The department of Applied Sciences and Humanities, IGDTUW organized a 5-day Faculty Development Programme on “Effective Teaching” in collaboration with National Institute of Technical Teaching Training and Research, Chandigarh for all the faculty members of the University.


The FDP was scheduled from 21st-25th July 2014 at Seminar Hall, Administrative Block of IGDTUW from 9.30 AM to 5 PM. The Programme aimed at equipping the faculty members with requisite knowledge and skills to enhance their competence in imparting education and make teaching-learning process more enriching and effective. 

The course of “Effective Teaching” had been designed for faculty of technical institutions and aimed at developing requisite knowledge and skills for planning and delivering teaching effectively. The contents of the course were: Dimensions of Effective Teaching, Planning for effective teaching (instructional objectives, selection of appropriate methods and media), Skills for effective delivery (motivating students, classroom communication, student involvement) and Evaluation and feedback.

The Eminent speakers were Dr. M.P. Poonia, Director-NITTTR, Chandigarh, Prof. Sunil Dutt, Prof. S.P. Bedi and Er. T.N. Thukral from Education and Educational Management Department, NITTTR, Chandigarh.


Ø An expert lecture was organized by the Department of Applied Sciences, IGDTU on 12th Sept., 2013. The talk was delivered by Mr. Pankaj Rai Jain, Managing Director and Partner, Accenture, on “Emerging Technologies in IT industry”. He talked about how technology has changed the world in the last two decades. The talk was followed by an interactive session with the students and the faculty members. All the students benefited from the experience and guidance of the expert.

Ø An expert session on ‘’Organ Donation’’ was organized in March 2014 for the students and faculty members of IGDTUW. An expert lecture was delivered by Ms. Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) Foundation. The session covered key issues like need for organ donation, current statistics on end stage organ failure, organ donation rate, brain death, legal aspects of organ donation and myths around organ donation.


Few queries like whether organs could be preserved, how to pledge your organs, which organs could be donated while a person is alive were dealt in a professional manner. 

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