Extra-Curricular Activities: 

 >> Technoliterati 

 The Technoliterati Society, as the name suggests is the amalgamation of technicality and literary creativity and provides ample opportunities to IGDTUW students to explore their creative writing talents under the mentorship of Dr. Bhavya Raj. The society organizes a plethora of activities, events and writing competitions both Online and Offline to make sure no technocrat at our University is left untouched from the colours of literary Art.

 Visit the link given below to see for yourself what all the society offers in terms of different events and activities. 

Link for >> Technoliterati 

>> Greensphere

The GreenSphere society at IGDTUW came into existence with a vision to protect and conserve the environment by taking the Green route. The Greensphere Team comprises of dedicated young girls with a vision to protect and conserve the environment by taking the Green route under the guidance of Faculty Advisor, Dr. Bhavani Prasad 

 Link for >> Greensphere

 >> SPIC MACAY  Chapter

SPIC MACAY is an affirmation of a priceless cultural heritage rooted in what is essentially Indian. The movement incorporates the vitality of the youngsters to cajole them into being custodian of what is actually their birthright, namely their heritage, roots and identity. The IGDTUW SPIC MACAY CHAPTER successfully organised a performance by the Kathak dancer, Gauri Diwakar on 25th October, 2017. Faculty advisor for SPIC MACAY is Dr. Geeta.

Link for>> SPIC MACAY


>>  Tarannum

Tarannum is a musical society with faculty advisor Dr. Bhavya Raj.

Link for >> Tarannum

>> IGDTUW News Letter “ BITS & BYTES 



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