Applied Physics Lab I:

The lab hosts experiments based on Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Electronics and basic experiments on electricity and magnetism.


 Applied Physics Lab II (Optics Lab):                                                                 

The lab is housed in a Dark Room with experiments based on optics, ultrasonics and Lasers.

 Applied Chemistry Lab:

The lab is fully equipped to hold experiments on quantitative chemical analysis like volumetric titrations, conductometric titrations etc. Experiments based on thermo-chemistry and rate of reaction are also performed.


 Environmental Studies Lab:

The lab holds experiments on water analysis like DO, BOD, COD, TDS etc., spectrophotometric determination of metals, soil analysis, particulate matter in the ambient atmosphere and polymer preparation.


 In addition, the department provides cutting edge research, innovation and education in emerging areas of Science and Technology. 

The Department presently has three Research labs:LabASH03

  1. Environmental Analysis and Research Lab:         

  2. The lab is equipped for the measurement, processing and analysis of aerosols and organic pollutants in the ambient Atmosphere.
    Active research work is being carried out on emissions estimates of organic compounds from biomass and fossil fuels, aerosols and volatile organic compounds in atmosphere. Work is also being undertaken on bioremediation of trace metals in the waste waters.

  3. Nanomaterials and Thin Films Lab:
  4. LabASH04

    The lab has a Hind High Vac Thermal Evaporation Coating Unit used by several Ph.D research Scholars for deposition of nanomaterials and thin films.  Research work is presently being undertaken in application oriented thrust areas of nanotechnology like White Light LEDs, Surface Plasmonics and Nanocomposites.

  5. Digital Image and Speech Processing Lab:

LabASH05The lab is equipped with Image Processing software and equipments like Matrox Image processing library and Pinnacle studio plus. The laboratory has a panoramic imaging lens and a stereo camera along with range of lenses and other optical research instruments.


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