Antargat- Creative Society

'ANTARGAT' means 'within'. This creative society looks at waste with a different perspective. Waste is only waste if wasted. Every waste has some useful potential to be identified and put to work. The society is initiated to collect like minded individuals who have a different perspective to waste and an eye for creative modeling of the same.The Ideation of the society is to recycle, remodel, reuse Waste from the university and likewise, putting condemnation process to a new visionary outcome. Registrations will open in July 2018. 

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Technoliterati-The Literary Society

Technoliterati is the literary society of IGDTUW. It envisions the amalgamation of creativity and technology. It aims to break the monotony of an engineering student’s life and provide some new food for thought. This it does by encouraging students to actively take part in the various events organized by the society and writing for the college magazine Mindscapes.

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The Economics society

The Economics Society, a virtual forum to make students more comfortable with topics such as stock market, share market, bonds and debentures, was started by Shailaja Gupta, from the batch of 2009-13, ECE Department.                                                                                            

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Taarangana - The Cultural Society

The entire year students are occupied with either exams or technical events, workshops, seminars. What they need is a break from all these and this is what Taarangana(earlier Ronesans) is all about. The cultural society with Dr. Shalini Arora as the faculty advisor, has intermittently aimed at providing entertainment and a platform to the students.

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The GreenSphere society at IGDTUW came into existence with a vision to protect and conserve the environment by taking the Green route. "Green sphere" is the Environmental Society, which was formed in October 2008. Currently Dr Bhavani Prasad Naik is the Faculty Advisor and the Core Members are Ms. Rushali Khilrani (Student Coordinator), Apoorva Singh (treasurer), Shana Agrawal, Shreya, Archita Varshney Etc. of this society. It aims at spreading environmental awareness and is an initiation by those who comprehend the engineering of ecological balance and the effect of our routine activities on our immediate environment.
The GreenSphere society at IGDTUW came into existence with a vision to protect and conserve the environment by taking the Green route.

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Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture Amongst Youth (SPIC MACAY) is a voluntary movement founded in 1977 by Dr. Kiran Seth. The movement incorporates the vitality of the youngsters to cajole them into being custodian of what is actually their birthright, namely their heritage, roots and identity. 
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Tarannum, the music society of IGDTUW came into existence with a vision to facilitate musical talent in the University in September 2016 with a 7 member student core team.  The society has three different music ensembles, namely the Band, Indian Choir and Western Choir who work hand in hand. 

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ZENA - Fashion Society

 Zena, the fashion society of IGDTUW, represents IGDTUW at various events and creates visibility for the university. It strives to showcase pertaining issues in our society through fashion and design. It has a team of models, designers and makeup artist who work together to bring strong and impactful performances to the ramp.


The aim of the society is to get these social messages across through various enactments. Through the years, Zena has showcased topics like water pollution, women empowerment, and the LGBTQ+ community through their performances.

Zena-the fashion society of IGDTUW was founded in the year 2013. Currently the faculty advisor is  Ar. Sneha Maji, Asst. Professor, Deptt of Architecture. Its existence came into light with various shows in and out of college.

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Rotary Club-IGDTUW

The Rotary club-IGDTUW is the student body representation of Rotary International at Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women This society aims at women's empowerment through social service.

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Synergy Sports Club, IGDTUW is a platform for all Sports amateurs and professionals to come live the thrill they feel while running, kicking the ball, smashing a shuttle etc. The club focuses on promoting participation in sports and inculcating the spirit of sportswoman ship among the students.

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RAHNUMA-Dramatics Society


Rahnuma, the dramatics society Of IGDTUW successfully produces a street play every year since its beginning and deals with gripping social issues such as emotional health, animal cruelty, sexual health and much more. It has performed at numerous street play competitions held at various colleges spread across the nation. Every year, it is also invited by the National School of Drama to perform at the famous Bharat Rang Mahotsav. The team also wins noteworthy prizes and accolades at prestigious competitions and is a well-recognized team in the Delhi Collegiate Theatre Circuit. Rahnuma, through its hard work, goodwill and dedication strives to create a social change and make the society a better place. It undoubtedly brings pride and recognition for IGDTUW.


Rahnuma was found in 2013 with the main objective of bringing about a change in the society. Every year, the team produces a street play on a crucial social issue in order to spread awareness amongst masses. 

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HYPNOTICS –Dance Society


The Dance Society literally hypnotizes every student of the University with its ever growing charm. It has brought laurels to the University like none other.

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INSTINCT: The Peer Educator’s and Life Skills society

Instinct is the first Peer Educator’s and Life Skills Society of IGDTUW which was initiated in July 2016. The main objective of the society is to help peers change mind-sets, question social norms and explore themselves. The tag line of the society is – ‘Define your own Ideal’ which focuses on finding your own self and your own principles rather than following the one’s set up by the society.

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B.H.A.V (Behold an Architect's View)- The Role Play Society of IGDTUW

 The main aim of the society is to provide a platform that brings within the education curriculum, the social issues and challenges. This would promote creative and innovative thinking among youth to reach upon realistic solutions to problems dawning our society at large, while simultaneously familiarizing them with the professional workflow.

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